10 New Year’s Home Resolutions You Should Make

As the year 2020 comes to an end many of us are looking to 2021 as a fresh start, and what better time than now Is there to set some New Year’s resolutions to keep us on track!  

When it comes to resolutions personal goals are always a top priority but making resolutions for our homes can be just as important for our overall health.  

From renovating to reorganizing we recommend adding a New Year’s home resolution to your list, below are a list of some ideas to get you started!  

10 New Year’s Home Resolutions for 2021  

1) Clean every room from top to bottom 

2) Declutter/organize closets and other hidden spaces  

3) Revamp a boring room 

4) Invest in a new piece of furniture  

5) Improve favorite rooms  

6) Update the façade of your house  

7) Refresh fixtures and other decorative accents  

8) Repurpose old pieces you love  

9) Rearrange décor items  

10) Find new ways to be inspired