Home Office Design Tips and Inspiration 

Odds are you have found yourself working from home over the last several months, and for many this will become the new normalIn the past, working from home was considered a treat to mosthowever, after it became a full-time arrangement many of us discovered our home offices are lacking in design making it hard to find the motivation to get to work.  

Whether you have an entire room or just a tiny corner it is crucial your workspace is attractive, inviting, and emphasizes a focus on optimizing productivity. If you are in the same boat as many of us and getting burnt out of your current work from home situation, we have a few tips to help you update your space as well as some examples of incredible home offices to inspire you below!   

 Keys to Inspiring Productivity with Home Office Design   

  • Choose a space with ample sunlight  
  • Desk and surrounding area should be organized and uncluttered   
  • Surround yourself with bright &rejuvenating colors   
  • Treat yourself to comfortable furniture and cozy décor 

 Home Office Inspiration

  Via Studio McGee  


Via The Everygirl 


Via Making Joy and Pretty Things 


Via Renovate108