2021 Interior Design Trends

2020 was a very unpredictable year, to say the least. Since the pandemic we now have a different perspective and deeper appreciation for the roles our homes play in our daily lives.  

 For many, our homes have now become a workplace, a school, a place for entertaining and a shelter from the outside world. Because of this, homes are no longer just about the looks but also about functionality and comfort and the new interior design trends of 2021 reflect that new mentality.  

 While you have probably already invested in improving your home with comfier furniture, there are endless opportunities to personalize your spaces in 2021. From embracing a new design style to making the old new again, here are the most popular trends expected to dominate the world of interior design in 2021.  

  2021 Interior Design Trends  


  • Embrace Earth TonesThe use of warm and earthy color palettes is going to be big this 2021. People are appreciating nature more and are looking at it for inspiration. Packed with rusts, warm greens, deep reds, and rich browns, it’s the perfect comforting and welcoming look people are looking for this year. 


  • Grandmillennial: The grandmillenial includes design trends that the mainstream culture would consider “outdated” or “stuffy”. As people explore a more traditional approach to interior décor, they have discovered the power of antiquated pieces for interior design. Those floral, stuffy, and chinoiserie-filled interiors our grandparents enjoyed are back but with a 21-century makeover, so it’s nothing boring.  


  • Bringing the Outside In: Houseplants and house gardens create a more layered space and welcome the outdoors in. Research has linked natural elements to mental health. Human well-being is heavily linked to the natural environment, so having houseplants or house gardens as a part of your interior design could positively impact your mental health. 


  • Rustic Vogue: The love for Cottage and rustic interiors have witnessed massive popularity globally. The Rustic Vogue focuses on the combination of modern comforts and the touch of details of rustic décor. You could add this by including items that are old yet hold meaning to you and blend them with your new furniture. 


  • Light Woods: Drawing inspiration from the modern minimalism of Scandinavian interiors, light woods have popped up in everything from flooring to furniture to accent walls and cabinetry. With its raw color and aesthetic, light wood works well with both biophilic design elements and the dressed-down, California Causal interiors, an interior design trend that we expect to remain strong through 2021. 


  • Statement Pieces: Homeowners and designers have been working to integrate a sense of authenticity in home interior design. We expect this design trend to continue into 2021 as homeowners experiment with minimalist-inspired interiors. A statement piece could be described as anything daring or bold. This could be color, artwork, furniture, and even lighting. 


  • Classic Traditionalism: As the name suggests, it’s a classic trend that means it’s a timeless trend inspired by the 18th century. This décor involves antiques and arts, along with other pieces of history. This kind of décor brings the essence of sophistication and harmony to your living space. It is advisable to use this décor with soft furnishing to enhance the ambience. 

  At SRS Desig, we believe that good design starts with the fundamentals and great design connects people and creates a sense of style and uniqueness to the home. From balance to scale, our team focuses on every detail of your project and brings it into harmony. Contact us to set up a consultation today!