14 Resolutions for Better Design and Living in 2022 

14 Resolutions for Better Design and Living in 2022 

Many of us are looking to 2022 for a fresh start and the best way to stay on top of all of our wants, needs and goals for the new year is with a new set of New Year’s resolutions.   

When it comes to resolutions personal goals are always a top priority but making resolutions for our homes can be just as important for our overall health.   

From renovating to reorganizing we recommend adding a New Year’s home resolution to your list, below are a list of some ideas to get you started!   


14 Resolutions for Better Design and Living in 2022  

1) Declutter your most used space at the start of the year  

2) Create a cozier bedroom  

3) Carve out a workspace  

4) Style your bookshelf  

5) Decorate with plants  

6) Start layering patterns   

7) Embrace clever organization tools  

8) Keep your pantry organized  

9) Experiment with color  

10) Craft a relaxing bathroom  

11) Maximize natural light with new window treatments  

12) Make your laundry room stand out with fun design  

13) Ban clutter from all shelves  

14) Create a spot in a closet for a donation box  


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