How To Mix & Match Light Fixtures

How To Mix & Match Light Fixtures  

Light fixtures are one of our favorite things to choose for the home. Light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes and can be statement-makers or play a supporting role to other pieces in a room. While the main purpose when choosing lighting is to make sure your space has the proper amount of light, the fixtures you choose also play a huge part in a room’s overall design. 

One question that comes to mind when talking about selecting lighting is how to choose coordinating fixtures, particularly when dealing with an open floor plan where lots of fixtures are visible throughout the area. Coordinating fixtures doesn’t mean they all have to match, instead we advocate for adding variation in size, shape and style, but with so many different options to choose from the combinations are endless and it can be hard to know where to start.  

When executed correctly, layering a variety of light fixtures can add so much depth and personality to a space. Whether you are selecting lighting for one room or an open space, we have a few tips to help you mix and match lighting in a cohesive way.  


Mixing & Matching Lighting Tips  

Tip #1: Find a common theme: One of the best ways to make a design feel elevated and more custom is by mixing lighting pieces. However, even when you’re mixing lighting, finding a common theme among your pieces makes creating a cohesive feeling much easier. 

Tip #2: Match finishes: This tip is probably the easiest to implement – you can have as much fun as you want with styles, shapes, scales and the like. So long as the finishes are cohesive, they will automatically feel like a pair. 

Tip #3: Match shapes: If you ensure that all of your lighting fixtures follow a similar shape, you should be in the clear no matter their finish. 

Tip #4: Match styles: In the case of matching styles, you can have fun with shapes, textures, colors, and materials – so long as they’re each in keeping with a similar style you’re good to go. 

Tip #5: Balance the scale of fixtures: When mixing lighting, it’s important to consider how each selection’s scale will play off of the other within your design. Use lighting as an opportunity to create a focal point by incorporating a large statement piece, but then opt for pared-down pieces for the other lighting in the same space. 

Tip #6: Add dimension by layering: Adding different lighting types to one space takes a design up a notch. Think about adding moments with your lighting to illuminate different vignettes or corners throughout your space through picture lights, sconces, and even floor and ceiling lamps. Incorporating multiple lighting types also allows you to introduce styles, textures, and tones to layer into your furnishings on top 


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