Shine With Metallic Decor


This summer why not add a little shine inside while the sun is shining outside! According to “Gone are the days when it was considered utterly taboo to mix metals. With the infusion of brilliant golds, brushed nickels, and rich coppers into the decor scene, designers aren’t limiting themselves to just one.” Dive into the possibilities of metal mixing but be subtle, consider the room and place metallics strategically throughout your home. This is a great time of year to incorporate metals because another piece of advice is to “gauge the sun as it filters in at different points during the day. In a room that gets lots of light, tone down the metal (think glare), but in a darker space, metallics can pump up the glow. Think of it as instant sunshine!” Get inspired and read more of this inspiring article here.

Below are samples of metallics found in our showroom. Notice the specs of metallic in the bowels!