Cohesiveness Incorporates Strong Elements of Design

COHESIVENESS is a beautiful word in the design industry. It means cohering or tending to cohere; well-integrated; unified: a cohesive organization. Interior design incorporates the full cohesive picture. The elements, layout, personal style, trends, budget and room functionality. Cohesiveness incorporates strong elements of design. Elments such as shape, texture, space, harmony and balance. If we are doing our job right, these elements bring all a sense of unique style and what people consider “hominess” to their space. We believe each person exhibits their own unique style and it’s our job to bring these elements all together to form a cohesive, unique style. Our tagline is “design your home – reflect your style” for this very reason. You are what matters in the equation of what we do! Your personality, your vision, your STYLE! When envisioning a room, remember the elements and strive for cohesiveness and balance through each room. Each room reflects the whole, bringing your entire home into a warm, inviting experience for you and your guests.